Premium Rear Paddock Stand

18.00 LBS
Premium Rear Paddock Stand

Premium Rear Paddock Stand - For wheels up to 17"


  • Compact construction using 1.5"Ø (38mm) tubular steel frame for ultimate stiffness
  • High quality double wheels for smooth lift and maximum stability under load
  • Oxford "Clean Grips" included
  • Plasticated L-cups for straight swing arms
  • NOW supplied with FREE frame forks for use with frame bobbins/spools (bobbins/spools sold seperately)
  • Re-designed lever handle for more leverage and a controlled lift
  • MAX WEIGHT LOAD = 440lbs (200kg)



Bobbins or Spools & Frame Forks (optional)
Frame Forks must be fitted to the rear paddock stand before bobbins or spools can be used.

Bobbins or Spools benefits:

  • Makes fitting a rear paddock stand to your motorcycle much easier and quicker
  • Does not mark the motorcycle swingarm
  • The majority of motorcycles have pre-threaded holes in their swingarms to fit bobbins or spools (consult your motorcycle manufacturer for the bolt and thread sizes required for your swingarm)
  • Some motorcycles have uneven swingarms, making the use of bobbins or spools the only way to safely fit a rear paddock stand

Bobbins/Spools codes, sizes and colors:  

OF823   Fork supports
OF824   Bobbins/Spools M12 (1.25 fine)
OF825   Bobbins/Spools M10 (1.50) 
OF826   Bobbins/Spools M10 (1.25 fine)
OF827   Bobbins/Spools M8 (1.25)
OF828   Bobbins/Spools M8 (1.0 fine)
OF829   Bobbins/Spools M6 (1.0) 
OF827S Bobbins/Spools M8 (1.25) BMW S1000 RR

OF724   Bobbins/Spools M12 (1.25 fine)
OF725   Bobbins/Spools M10 (1.50) 
OF726   Bobbins/Spools M10 (1.25 fine)
OF727   Bobbins/Spools M8 (1.25)
OF728   Bobbins/Spools M8 (1.0 fine)
OF729   Bobbins/Spools M6 (1.0) 
OF727S Bobbins/Spools M8 (1.25) BMW S1000 RR

Please refer to the actual Bobbins/Spools page to order individual items shown above.

Bobbins/Spools fitment chart:

Model Year Product Code   Model Year Product Code
Aprilia       Kawasaki Cont'd    
All Models All OF729 / OF829   ZZR1400 All OF726 / OF826
BMW       Z1000/750 2006> OF726 / OF826
S1000RR 2010> OF727S / OF827S   Versys 2006> OF726 / OF826
Ducati       ER-6 2006> OF726 / OF826
All Models All No Fitment Available   KTM    
Honda       All Models All OF725 / OF825
CBR600 99-05 OF727 / OF827   Norton    
CBR600RR 2003> OF727 / OF827   All Models 2009> OF727 / OF829
CBR900 00-03 OF727 / OF827   Suzuki    
CBR1000RR 2004> OF727 / OF827   All Models All OF727 / OF827
VTR1000 All OF727 / OF827   Triumph    
Kawasaki       Daytona 675 All OF727 / OF827
ZX6R >98 OF728 / OF828   Street Triple All OF727 / OF827
ZX6R 98-99 OF724 / OF824   Tiger 800 All OF727 / OF827
ZX6R/636 00-05 OF725 / OF825   Tiger XC All OF727 / OF827
ZX6R 2006> OF726 / OF826   Yamaha    
ZX7R All OF724 / OF824   R6/R1 All OF729 / OF829
Z750 All OF725 / OF825   Fazer 600/1000 All No Fitment Available
ZX9R All OF725 / OF825   YZF750 All OF725 / OF825
ZRX1100/1200 All OF725 / OF825   TRX850 All OF725 / OF825
ZX10R >2005 OF725 / OF825   Thunderace All OF725 / OF825
ZX10R 2006> OF726 / OF826   FZ1000 All OF729 / OF829
ZX12R All OF725 / OF825   FZ8 2010> OF729 / OF829