Nightrider Sequential LED Signals

0.50 LBS
Nightrider Sequential LED Signals

The ultimate in cool signals! When activated, the signal dynamically sweeps across from the inside to the outside on the signal strip.

Premium quality matt black case
130,000 millicandela
12 LED bulb (extra bright)
2 x signals and 2 x resistors included

Dimensions: L 3.35" x W 0.79" x H 0.98"

Not for highway use - intended for off-road and show use only

Don't want to splice into the manufacturers wiring loom to fit your cool new indicators? Oxford IndyLeads are the answer! Simply connect the Oxford IndyLeads between the original connector and the OXFORD LED turn signal indicator - Job Well Done! Check which Oxford IndyLeads are needed for your make of bike.


Having removed the HUGE stock turn signal indicators and fitted these cool little guys, to make the job complete, fit OXFORD Indicator Spacers to give that professionally finished custom look! Check which OXFORD Indicator Spacers are needed for your make of bike.