Cargo Net XL

1.00 LBS
Cargo Net XL

An Extra Large Indespensable Accessory for Transporting Awkward Items. Cargo nets are a supplementary means of securing soft, lightweight items such as rain suits and winter gloves to the rear seat or rack of your motorcycle. We strongly advise that all the hooks provided on the outer edge of the cargo net are used.


  • Strong elasticated webbing
  • Nylon coated, hardened steel hooks
  • Forms approx 15" square webbing

Codes & Colors:
OF177 Black

*PLEASE NOTE: While using your Cargo Net, DO NOT

  • Stretch the cargo net beyond its elasticity
  • Use the cargo net for attaching items over 2.2lb (1kg)
  • Use the cargo net for attaching items which cannot be secured safely and securely to your motorcycle
  • Use the cargo net for attaching items to a seat hump
  • Use the cargo net for towing
  • Tension the cargo net near your head as it may slip from your hand and cause injury
  • Use a cargo net with damaged or worn elastic