Bull-it Tactical Slim Fit Jeans

2.00 LBS
Bull-it Tactical Slim Fit Jeans

Bull-it's Tactical range is the latest in high performance "Oneskin" denims developed by Covec. This new technology is at the heart of the Tactical range; each jean is completely constructed with this high performance AA CE rated denim, in compliance with EN17092.

To put this into perspective, the AA rated Tactical range is a 75KPH rated denim for abrasion resistance. This is the second higest tier of performance, making the Tactical range the ideal middleweight jean. Style, comfort and great protection, all in one neat package.

To add to the experience, as with all the jeans in the Bull-it range, internal hip and knee armor pockets are fitted as standard for the optional CE Level 2 protectors. High performance, lightweight design, zero compromise. Available in Slim, Straight and Easy fit in Icon Blue or Stone Black.


Unlike the UK and Europe, the Tactical range jeans sold in the US do NOT come with knee and hip armors already included. Instead, the jeans are sold at a lower price so our customers have the choice of adding the armors separately, if required. For safety, it is highly recommended that both knee and hip armors are used while riding.

Recommended CE Level 2 Knee protectors (pair)

Recommended CE Level 2 Hip protectors (pair)