Oximiser 600 Close Out

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Oximiser 600 Close Out

Essential Battery Optimiser

Quickly charges battery at 600mA/hour until full and maintains a gentle trickle charge to keep battery optimized. Quick-connect leads included for easy coupling to the Oximiser between rides. Wall Bracket and extra long cables make for ease-of-use in your garage.

Additional features:

  • Plug-in Battery care for 12V lead-acid batteries up to 30Ah
  • Suitable for all 12V battery types up to 30Ah including: Gel, MF and acid batteries
  • Recovers deeply discharged batteries
  • Protected against short circuit
  • 2 year guarantee

Oxford Oximiser motorbike charger and conditioner, suitable for all 12v motorcycle batteries as well as for other applications such as quad-bikes, jet-skis, golf carts, cars, motorhomes, caravans, commercial vehicles and boats. 

It comes complete with crocodile clips to connect the charger to a loose battery, a connector which can be permanently fitted on any motorcycle or car and a wall-mount holster type bracket for easy storage.