Warm Dry Long Sleeve Mens Top

2.00 LBS
Warm Dry Long Sleeve Mens Top

Oxford Layers - Warm Dry High Performance Layering System. Oxford Warm Dry Layers offer a thermal base layer which can be used all year round. Perfect for varied weather conditions where your body temperature needs to be regulated through a combination of effective moisture wicking and thermal insulation. Perfect for colder conditions where you need as much warmth as possible to be trapped against your skin.


  • Retains warmth through thermal insulation
  • Rapidly removes moisture from the skin
  • Anti-bacterial treatment kills odor at source
  • Reinforced flat lock seams are tougher and more comfortable


Codes & Sizes:
LA500 XS
LA501 S
LA502 M
LA503 L
LA504 XL
LA505 2XL
LA506 3XL

For much warmer conditions, you might want to consider Oxford Cool Dry Layers for their exceptional properties.