R-Series M2R Mini Tankbag

2.00 LBS
R-Series M2R Mini Tankbag

R-Series M2R 2 Liter Mini Tankbag
Fits steel tanks where no other tankbag will, thanks to its unique shape and size. Ideal for a wide range of motorcycles, including adventure, super sports, cruisers and even some trail bikes.

Lifetime guarantee against faulty materials or manufacture
Made from lightweight but very tough 'ripstop' construction Nylon material
Water resistant zips and water resistant front key pocket
Comes with carry handles and headstock safety strap (must be used)
0.5 gallon (2L) capacity
Electrical outlet (with internal pocket to carry a device)

Large clear pocket with anti-glare sunshield for both GPS and smart phones devices. Screen size approx: 4.3" x 5.1" 

Length: 11.0"
Height:   5.5"
Width:    7.5"

All measurements are approximate