Aqua Dryphone

0.40 LBS
Aqua Dryphone

Oxford Aqua Dry Phone - Universal Waterproof Phone Mount for Motorcycles or Cycles
The Oxford Aqua Dry Phone has been designed specifically to fit both motorcycles and cycles.
The mounting bracket U-bolts has been designed to attach the opposite way to conventional mounts so that it can be attached to motorcycle bars without coming into contact with the headstock as the mount is tightened.
Easily fits to handlebar or stem
Allows continued use of touch screen
Perfect for navigation, apps, music, calls, photos & video
Case dimensions: 3.9"/100mm (w), 6.5"/165mm (h)
Installation guide included
Touch Screen compatible

What's included:
Angled adjustable mount (OX190 only)
Large bracket for 31.8mm (1 1/2") handlebars (OX190 only)
Bracket insert to protect handlebars (OX190 only)
Small bracket for 22.8mm (7/8") handlebars (OX190 only)
Detachable lanyard
Aqua Dry Phone Pocket
Mirror mountable bracket (OX194 only)

Do not use mobile phone while bike is in motion
Suitable for most mobile phones
Mobile phone not included