1.00 LBS

Essential Paddock Stand Accessory

Bobbin Forks must be fitted to the majority of rear paddock stands before bobbins or spools can be used.


  • Makes fitting a rear paddock stand to your bike much easier and quicker
  • Does not mark the bikes swingarm
  • The majority of bikes have pre-threaded holes in their swingarms to fit bobbins or spools (consult your bike manufacturer for the bolt and thread size required for your bike) but require Bobbin Forks to function with most rear paddock stands
  • Some bikes have uneven swingarms, making the use of bobbins or spools the only way to safely fit a rear paddock stand


Bobbins/Spools codes, sizes and colors:  


OF824   Bobbins/Spools M12 (1.25 fine)
OF825   Bobbins/Spools M10 (1.50) 
OF826   Bobbins/Spools M10 (1.25 fine)
OF827   Bobbins/Spools M8 (1.25)
OF828   Bobbins/Spools M8 (1.0 fine)
OF829   Bobbins/Spools M6 (1.0) 
OF827S Bobbins/Spools M8 (1.25) BMW S1000 RR

OF724   Bobbins/Spools M12 (1.25 fine)
OF725   Bobbins/Spools M10 (1.50) 
OF726   Bobbins/Spools M10 (1.25 fine)
OF727   Bobbins/Spools M8 (1.25)
OF728   Bobbins/Spools M8 (1.0 fine)
OF729   Bobbins/Spools M6 (1.0) 
OF727S Bobbins/Spools M8 (1.25) BMW S1000 RR

Please refer to the actual Bobbins/Spools page to order individual items shown above.

Bobbins/Spools fitment chart:

Model Year Product Code   Model Year Product Code
Aprilia       Kawasaki Cont'd    
All Models All OF729 / OF829   ZZR1400 All OF726 / OF826
BMW       Z1000/750 2006> OF726 / OF826
S1000RR 2010> OF727S / OF827S   Versys 2006> OF726 / OF826
Ducati       ER-6 2006> OF726 / OF826
All Models All No Fitment Available   KTM    
Honda       All Models All OF725 / OF825
CBR600 99-05 OF727 / OF827   Norton    
CBR600RR 2003> OF727 / OF827   All Models 2009> OF727 / OF829
CBR900 00-03 OF727 / OF827   Suzuki    
CBR1000RR 2004> OF727 / OF827   All Models All OF727 / OF827
VTR1000 All OF727 / OF827   Triumph    
Kawasaki       Daytona 675 All OF727 / OF827
ZX6R >98 OF728 / OF828   Street Triple All OF727 / OF827
ZX6R 98-99 OF724 / OF824   Tiger 800 All OF727 / OF827
ZX6R/636 00-05 OF725 / OF825   Tiger XC All OF727 / OF827
ZX6R 2006> OF726 / OF826   Yamaha    
ZX7R All OF724 / OF824   R6/R1 All OF729 / OF829
Z750 All OF725 / OF825   Fazer 600/1000 All No Fitment Available
ZX9R All OF725 / OF825   YZF750 All OF725 / OF825
ZRX1100/1200 All OF725 / OF825   TRX850 All OF725 / OF825
ZX10R >2005 OF725 / OF825   Thunderace All OF725 / OF825
ZX10R 2006> OF726 / OF826   FZ1000 All OF729 / OF829
ZX12R All OF725 / OF825   FZ8 2010> OF729 / OF829