Eyeshot Nano LED Indicators

1.00 LBS
Eyeshot Nano LED Indicators

Probably the world's smallest indicator; NANO! Eyeshot LED Turn Signal Indicators

Replace your standard indicators with these beautifully crafted, miniaturized, high performance components. A battery of high intensity Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) put basic, low wattage bulbs in the shade. With up to 10,000 MCD (1000 candle power) of lighting energy that is optimized by the latest ‘Honeycomb’ lens technology - helping to maximize your visibility when maneuvering. As well as their intelligent design and enhanced performance, Oxford Eyeshot LEDicators boast a much longer life-span than conventional bulb-lit indicators, so you can spend more time enjoying your bike and less time maintaining it.


  • 1000 candle power
  • Resistors included
  • CE approved
  • Super bright LEDs
  • Sealed for Life
  • Waterproof



Length: 1.93'' (49mm), Width: 0.87'' (22mm), Height: 0.80'' (20.4mm)



Size comparison to a stock indicator:


Codes & Colors:
OF359 Black with Black Lens (pack contains 2 x indicators)
OF368 Black with Clear Lens (pack contains 2 x indicators)
OF369 Chrome with Clear Lens (pack contains 2 x indicators)

**PLEASE NOTE; All OXFORD Eyeshot LED turn signal indicators are supplied as standard with 2 x Ceramic Resistors suitable for 21W bulbs. Once your OXFORD LED turn signal indicators are fitted to your bike, if they flash too fast then fit these load balancing resistors. These Ceramic Resistors can also be purchased seperately under OF373 (if the original bulb is 21W) or OF374 (if the original bulb is 10W).


These Nano's are SO small that the electronic circuitry can't fit inside them and is supplied separately (included) and needs to be mounted under the seat or panels. This is the supplied wiring for each indicator:


Don't want to splice into the manufacturers wiring loom to fit your cool new indicators? Oxford IndyLeads are the answer! Simply connect the Oxford IndyLeads between the original connector and the OXFORD LED turn signal indicator - Job Well Done! Check which Oxford IndyLeads are needed for your make of bike.


Having removed the HUGE stock turn signal indicators and fitted these cool little guys, to make the job complete, fit OXFORD Indicator Spacers to give that professionally finished custom look! Check which OXFORD Indicator Spacers are needed for your make of bike.