Indicator Resistors

0.10 LBS
Indicator Resistors

Ceramic Resistors For LED Turn Signal Indicators

If your indicators flash too fast, fit these resistors into the indicator wiring. They come in two different versions. Knowing which to choose depends on what wattage bulbs are being currently used. The below guide should help determine which one will be needed:   

  • When going from a 21 watt incandescent turn signal to an LED turn signal, select the 18W / 8.5Ohm resistor
  • When going from a 10 watt incandescent turn signal to an LED turn signal, select the 8W / 21.5Ohm resistor 
  • Sold as a pair

Codes & Type:
OF373 If the original bulb is 21W
OF374 If the original bulb is 10W

Fitting instructions:

Click here to download

**Please note; if you purchased the OXFORD Eyeshot Nano LED Turn Signal Indicators or the OXFORD Eyeshot LED Turn Signal Indicators, they already come with a pair of OF373 included.